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Build a 5-star CX with AI

Enabling characteristics of every aspect of customer service and gaining customer loyalty


Gaining Access to that top 1% Customer in Retail Through Personalisation

Unlock the 1% customer, that is worth more than the average customer


Building Customer Loyalty Through AI for Global Banks and Other Enterprises

Decreasing overwhelming paperwork and information overflow with AI (from the customer’s perspective)

Leading to the customer trusting the service provider more and decreasing the odds of them switching to a competitor


New Data Intelligence Drives CX-innovation: All Personalised Everything

To enhance the customer experience online, on apps and websites, AI can make the experience more personalised, therefore increasing booked flights and an overall good impression


A Robotic Coworker - Friend or Foe?

Chatbots, voice assistants and feedback machines - what is new about robot assistants and how are they increasing customer satisfaction in the future? Are they a substitute or a support pillar?


Backend or Conversational NLP - Which One Should You Go With for a Business Boost?

Which is cost-effective and which isn’t? Which one is right for your business?


NLP in the News Industry - How Social Media Affects Financial Progress 

Nowadays everything is posted on social media and other networks - financial news included. 

Since a person cannot comprehend the amount of information about the financial situation that is broadcasted every day, we are starting to implement NLP to solve this issue.


AI as a Law Officer: Fighting Fraud


How AI Will Reverse Falling Profit Growth 

Intelligent automation, labor & capital augmentation, innovation diffusion 

Recent research of the affect of AI in multiple industries


Unleashing the Power of AI to Boost Industry Profitability

How Small Investments in Tech Will Save You Millions

How small investments in AI and data processing can save you millions in the long run


Do You Have an AI-Strategy? 

Every company needs an AI strategy

Two ways of driving AI to success: intelligent products and intelligent business


Rethink your use of Digital Tools to Maximise Time Efficiency

Tools don’t have to be expensive - and they save a lot of your time.


AI in a Global Scale: How the Global GDP Changes Significantly Through Automation

AI will increase the global GDP with trillions, creating new jobs

How is this AI revolution so successful and what are the negative aspects of this growth?


Increase in Revenue, Reduction in Cost - This will be the 4th Industrial Revolution

Is the cost-effectiveness true and in that case, how do we achieve the goal of increased revenue?

Where will the fourth industrial revolution take us in consideration of AI?


Smart Energy: A blueprint for AI, IoT and 5G convergence

Enabling energy use in more efficient ways than before, what are they?


How AI in Healthcare will become a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry - This is how you will be part of it

Patient -centricness, sentiment analysis and other strategies and tools to grow a healthcare business’ revenue. 



Building AI- based Frameworks to Drive your Strategies

Using ready or self-made frameworks - which is more profitable and time-efficient?


Building Business: Artificial Intelligence Frameworks you Should be Using



Real-Time Analytics: a Constantly Updating Stream of Data 

Analysing data as soon as it comes in without the middleman

Improving the overall process


Data as a Service is Creating Innovative Revenue 


Ethical Intelligence: What are Your Technical Morals?

Can a machine answer ethical questions?

The matter of privacy 


How are you Cleaning your Data?

Time spent on cleaning and preparing data to be used

Cutting down utilised time


The Digital Twin: Pairing the Physical and Virtual World to Enable Problem-solving Beforehand 

The digital twin allows you to forecast problems using data and analytics and potentially prepare for the future

Giving power to your technicians

How does this work in practice and who does one hire to get one for your own practice? 

AI & Business strategies
October 8th, 2020


Mikko Huttunen

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Aleksi Helander


Venue: Virtual | Live from Helsinki

Business Insight Group

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