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Explainable, Practical, Game-changing


AI has a huge potential and expectations run sky-high – period. Therefore we have cut off all the surrounding fluff you get at other events and provide you with practical strategies, actionable insights, inspiration, knowledge and tools to plan your own AI roadmap.


Beyond strategy and theory you will learn how to fundamentally operate your future business. Engage with pioneering enterprises in the most significant industries using AI and data as a catalyst in their transformation. Hear from the brightest minds in an honest, lessons learned manner addressing some of the myths and misconceptions around AI, as well as, highlighting what you need to be aware of going forward.


Unlock the most comprehensive know-how to tangibly develop solid, workable, efficient AI projects using Data Intelligence to your advantage. You will walk away with real, actionable, hands-on takeaways for instant implementation. Re-shape processes, job tasks and services affecting the way you do business and how you interact with your clients, partners and staff in the future.


Meet your peers, compare charts, explore the power of AI and grow your business faster by using proper data intelligence.  At the epicenter of technological change, AI & Business Strategies 2020 provides you with more practical user cases than any other event in the Nordics.  You will gain substantial insights, know what results has been achieved and what you should do next!



Welcome to the business impact of AI – the real deal!




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Frida Boisen is world master in social media. She won the title at the INMA Awards in San Francisco 2014. She is one of Swedens most popular speakers and have been elected Swedens best digital leader. As a digital manager at Bonnier and chronicler at Expressen Frida Boisen is one of Swedens best known media personalities. Frida have won several awards for her work in communication and social media. Frida Boisen holds lectures on social media, communication, business development, digital strategies, trend analyst, positive leadership and The future. She is a best selling author with her latest book "Digital succé – så lyckas du i sociala medier" and every week she talks about the latest trends in social media on Swedish television.



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VP of Technology at NPR

Noelle Silver is currently serving as the Vice President of Technology at NPR. She is an ambassador for Responsible and Ethical use of AI and she is passionate about Mindful Leadership, work-life harmony and empowering people achieve their potential through technology. She specializes in helping organizations successfully navigate cloud transformation and develop an AI and Voice Strategy by delivering keynotes, sessions and hackathons worldwide. She is the founder of AI Leadership Institute and She has spent decades as a trainer, architect, and evangelist for IBM, RedHat, EMC, Amazon and Microsoft. She has been awarded “Alexa Executive of the Year” and “Top Influencer in Voice” By as well as received an award from VentureBeat for her work mentoring women in the field of AI and Emerging Technology.



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Co-Founder, Women Leading in AI Network
Technical Director at Deloitte

Ivana is Technical Director at Deloitte, a public speaker, author and media commentator. In her day job, Ivana helps businesses with their privacy by design programmes especially in relation to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology.


Ivana was awarded ‘Woman of the Year’ (2019) in the Cyber Security Awards in recognition of her growing reputation as an advocate of equality, privacy and ethics at the heart of tech and AI.


She is a sought after commentator for the BBC, Sky and other major broadcasters and news outlets (Guardian, Telegraph) on headline stories where the tech economy intersects with privacy and data law and politics.


In May 2018, Ivana launched the Women Leading in AI network, an international lobby group of women advocating for responsible AI. The network’s 2018 report garnered mass interest from tech leaders, international institutions and the media.


Ivana is Co-editor of the Fintech Circle’s AI Book on how AI is reshaping financial services.


Her first book will be released in May by Indigo Press, and is ready to pre-order here.




CEO, Curious AI

Harri Valpola (Ph.D.) is the CEO and founder of the Curious AI Company, which was founded in 2015. The long-term goal of the company is to develop artificial general intelligence. At the moment, the company is developing technologies for enterprise automation and intelligent control. Harri started his academic career in 1993 and has been working on machine learning, computational neuroscience, and robotics over the years. In 2007, he founded ZenRobotics Ltd., which applies machine learning in advanced robotics, currently in robotic recycling.


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Head of Customer Value, News UK

Mike is a results-oriented senior business strategist with expertise in CRM, CVM and product strategy. His mission is to create innovative experiences for customers by using data ethically and effectively; his achievements have been realised by chasing CRM nirvana: getting the right message to the right consumers at the right time, whilst delivering award-winning growth in revenue and volume. He is currently Head of Customer Value at The Times and The Sunday Times in London, where he created the AI/ML engine JAMES, the digital butler with the support of the Google Digital News Innovation Fund.


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NLP Data Scientist, Vincit

Hissu Hyvärinen is a Data Analyst with a research background in natural language processing and social media analytics. Her recently submitted PhD dissertation at the IT University of Copenhagen focuses on emotional and topical developments in online conversations in the wake of terror attacks. Hissu’s current focus is how to analyze language data in smart and creative ways in order to reduce the need for manual processing, create better insights, and enable better decision making in organisations.



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Data Analytics Team Lead, PhD, Agco Power Oy

Aki Pajunoja (M.Sc. (Tech), PhD) is a Physicist with background in research and development. Aki has 7+ years of history with research and analytics, with his current focus in data analytics of engines and especially their emission aftertreatment systems.



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Cloud Architect,  Insta (Intopalo Digital)

Harri Pirttinen (M.Sc.) is an experienced Cloud Architect and Software Developer with passion towards data driven solutions and cloud platforms. Harri has 12+ years of history with various IT solutions, with his current focus in secure digitalization solutions, where data and advanced analytics play major role in creating value.



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Senior Partner, McKinsey Digital

Lari is a Senior Partner in Northern Europe leading McKinsey Digital (and Analytics) in Northern Europe and McKinsey’s Finnish practice. Lari is an avid programmer and machine learning enthusiast outside work – both fields he works to transform his clients in across industries. In recent years he has been supporting multiple transformations involving machine learning use cases and advanced analytics strategy design. Lari holds a Master of Science in Engineering Physics & Mathematics and Industrial Management.



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Innovate Data Master, Bisnode 

Jean-Philippe Schepens is one of the leading data analytics experts in Europe. At Bisnode Jean-Paul helps large global companies utilize smart data to solve various business critical challenges and grow their business with the help of analytics. Jean-Philippe is the founder of Swan Insights, a Bisnode Group company. The company has been recognized for its creative solutions regarding predictive analytics, structuring big data and machine learning.



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Principal Machine Learning Partner, Fourkind

Over 10 years in machine learning as team lead, lead architect, machine learning engineer with over 20 cases ranging from reinforcement learning to generative modeling. Experienced in public speaking and management advisory with multiple strategy cases in different industries, most recently in telecom, media, aviation and consumer goods.



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Global Program Manager, Intelligent shipping, ABB

Kalevi Tervo received his D.Sc. (Tech.) degree in Control Engineering from Aalto University at 2011 where he was served in various positions during 2005-2011. Dr. Tervo joined ABB Marine at 2011 where he has led major R&D initiatives, development of several new products, and served as a top expert in machine learning, optimization and control. In his current role as Global Program Manager Dr. Tervo is globally responsible of research, development and commercialization of intelligent shipping products at ABB.



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Lead Designer, Siili Solutions

Jarkko is an all-round professional with a problem-solving and user-centric approach to business challenges. Jarkko has more than 15 years' experience leading and working in complex product and service development projects for industry leaders. Jarkko’s value lies in his wide knowledge of rapid service creation and applying data to match real life user needs and business solutions. His current interests include applicable and human-centred machine learning solutions.



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Lead AI Data Scientist, Stora Enso

Lead AI Data Scientist at a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions and paper on global markets. Responsible for designing and developing of a corporate level AI platform as well as identifying, scoping and developing AI solutions in all the application areas in the company. Previously Lead Data Scientist at a large (500+) technology company, responsible for data science strategy and company level AI competence leadership in addition to direct customer consulting work. Ville holds a PhD in Computer and Information Science from Helsinki University of Technology (2004).



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Head of Digital Operations, KPMG Lighthouse

Tom Einar is Head of Digital Operations in KMPG LIghthouse, Norway. This is KPMGs Center of Excellence within Automation, Analytics and AI.  . He has over 13 years of Consulting experience within these areas, working for a variety of customers in Energy, Finance, Telecom, Retail, Shipping, Aviation,  Public sector and more. 




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AI & Business strategies
8 October 2020


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