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OCT 6th, 2022

Starting 9AM CET - Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen Time

Starting 10AM EEST - Helsinki Time

9.00 (CET)




 Creating a solid data strategy in support of the digital ambitions

Laura van Beers, Chief Data Officer, Integrated gas, Shell (NL)

  • Connecting Data to Value is key

  • Speak the language of the business

  • Don’t forget the data culture



 Responsible AI

Saara Hyvönen, Co-Founder, Data & AI Executive, DAIN Studios (FI)

  • What is  Responsible AI and why is it important

  • How to implement AI in a responsible manner and what are the key things to consider

  • What are the requirements towards your organisation and operations in making this happen



 From Model-Centric to Data-Centric AI: Practical steps to business relevant AI

Sami Laine, Competence Lead, Data Management Advisor, Siili Solutions (FI)

  • What does Data-Centric AI mean?

  • Why is Data-Centric AI so important for business success?

  • How is Data-Centric AI done in practice?



 Ethical AI

Ann-Elise Delbecq, Data Science and AI Elite team, Client Engineering EMEA – Program Director, IBM (BE)

  • Incorporate AI to your business operations in an ethically sustainable way, while capitalising on the benefits

  • How to optimise guidance and build organisational awareness

  • Play an active role in identifying AI ethical risks, monitor impacts and engage stakeholders


 Scaling efficiently an AI forecasting tool in a complex organization

Anne-Laure Cebile, Data Science Team Leader, Danone (FR)

  • Building a tool to support supply chain optimization

  • Balancing local specificities versus scalability

  • Ensuring sustainability of a live tool


Comments from AI expert

Kian Abolfazlian, Head of Data Transformation, Philips (NL)






 How can we use modern technology to help us quickly in a crisis?

Daniel Engberg, Head of AI, Data and Platforms, SAS - Scandinavian Airlines (SE)

  • During the last years SAS has had pilot strikes and a pandemic that has put hard strain on the business which required us to quickly launch products

  • We managed to release new products quickly through combining multiple technologies to both deliver directly to end customers and to automate the back-ends

  • How can we take some of the learnings from working in a crisis to the day to day operations


 Intelligence in energy production and delivery

Juha Latvala, Chief Digital Officer, Insta (FI)

Juha Puolakka, Technical Director, Loimua (FI)

  • The rapidly changing energy market demands adaptability and situational awareness

  • How Loimua has increased their capabilities with data and AI

  • Insta’s learnings about critical success factors for data and AI solutions for multiple different industries



 ServiceNow AI journey

Mika Jämsen, Advisory Solution Consultant, ServiceNow

  • How we drink our own champagne – boosted by AI

  • Using AI in Digital transformation

  • Transforming IT operations



 State of Sustainable AI in 2022

Anna Metsäranta, Head of Sustainable AI, Solita (FI)

  • Insights and findings from Solita research: Where organisations currently are with their sustainable AI efforts, in Finland and beyond

  • Components of AI sustainability

  • Why sustainable AI is sensible business


 AI – A Critical Capability in Driving A Customer Centric Strategy

Kristen Bennie, Director of Innovation and Partnerships, NatWest Group (UK)

  • Developing a culture that champions experimentation and the use of new technologies to drive AI adoption

  • Partnering and collaborating with others is key to driving business innovation and new value for customers and organisations







 CASE: Reshaping Rolls-Royce’s Supply Chain with AI

Muhannad Alomari, European AI Hub Lead, Rolls-Royce (UK)



Too many decisions, AI to the rescue

Jessie Wang, Data consultant, Thoughtworks (FI)

  • Data and insights are the foundation to better decisions – do you have the info needed to make the better decisions?

  • With AI, a business can stay ahead of market changes, anticipate customer desires, and react faster and more accurately than competitors. It can model every aspect of its operations to solve for multi-objective outcomes in even the most complex conditions

  • Better decisions with augmented AI - how to design a 21st century human-centric AI-based system that can outperform machine-centric approaches with far less computing resources and less data?


 FIRESIDE CHAT: From AI Pilots to Production Grade Value

Janne Flinck, AI and Data Lead, Codento (FI)

Henrik Warfvinge, Data and Machine Learning Advisor, Google Cloud (SE)

  • Early challenges faced in adopting AI

  • Concrete insight on how to successfully scale AI operations

  • MLOps best practices, simplified model and data management, and continuous operations


Bringing Your Unstructured Content Under Control With AI-Enabled Technology

Daniel Cosby, Senior Sales Executive, M-Files (FI)

  • The trend of calling your organization's massive information portfolio the "new oil" may have become a LinkedIn cliché, but the analogy contains a hidden gem of truth

  • Information's value to us - like that of oil - is only unlocked in the refinement

  • How AI and ML-enabled technologies are essential tools in contextualizing unstructured content reserves and refining them into truly valuable informational assets


Operationalizing Data, AI + ML to Deliver Dynamic, Decisive Digital Dominance

Maj. Gen. John M. Olson (US)

  • Operational need is decision and information advantage at the speed of need

  • Data and responsible, robust, resilient AI are strategic imperatives

  • Decision advantage is our North Star

  • We must partner to power, propel, and protect the future


Comments from AI expert

Kian Abolfazlian, Head of Data Transformation, Philips (NL)




Deep Dive Agenda 2022

Deep Dive -sessions are 30 minutes in-depth discussions or presentations. Deep Dives are held in separate virtual rooms in the Event Platform. Seats are limited for each session and registration can be done on the Event Platform.

Time Zone CET

09:20 (CET)

From AI Pilots to Production Grade Value  - Winning Secrets Revealed

Janne Flinck, AI and Data Lead   Codento (FI)

Henrik Warfvinge, Data and Machine Learning Advisor Google Cloud (SE)

Google’s Henrik Warfvinge and Codento’s data and AI lead Janne Flinck will present concrete insights and lead a lively conversation on how to successfully scale AI operations. Henrik and Janne will cover topics like typical early challenges faced in adopting AI, and steps towards overcoming them by MLOps best practices, simplified model and data management, and continuous operations. There will be an open Q&A session on these topics in the end.

Co-hosted by Google’s Henrik Warfvinge and Codento’s data and AI lead Janne Flinck

09:40 (CET)

Ensure knowledge flows quickly, effortlessly and securely - an introduction to AI-enabled document management

Per Löjdahl, Sales Executive | M-Files

Daniel Cosby, Senior Sales Executive |  M-Files

Welcome to this session, where Per Löjdahl and Daniel Cosby from M-Files present the five key benefits on how AI-enabled document management can provide a continuous competitive advantage for your company. Join us in discussion on how these benefits can be achieved and what is their meaning for business success.

10:50 (CET)

A practical approach to responsible AI

Saara Hyvönen, Data & AI Executive DAIN Studios

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly used in solving a multitude of business problems, and we all want to do this in a responsible manner. But what does this mean in practice and where to start? You are invited to join Saara Hyvönen, Data & AI Executive and Hugo Gävert, Chief Data & AI Officer from DAIN Studios in a deep dive to these topics. We will touch on topics such as  data processing, requirements on technology and architecture, algorithmic robustness - but also people, processes and business strategy.  We will share some practical examples and discuss the best approaches to ensure  responsible AI application.

The session is co-chaired by Hugo Gävert, Chief Data & AI Officer at DAIN Studios

11:15 (CET)

Data Strategy for Trustworthy AI: from Vision to Implementation

Ann-Elise Delbecq, Data Science Sales Leader   IBM (BE)

Artificial intelligence raises great hopes, allowing us to make decisions faster and more objectively than human judgments alone. While it keeps the promise of competitiveness, it also has a dark side, that of unwanted biases. AI is dependent on the social and cultural context of its designers and the data that feeds them. For that reason, a comprehensive approach to scaling AI, integrating Design, Ethics, Data Science, Architecture, and Engineering, is grounded around 3 Ethical principles. These 3 principles will be introduced in a round table discussion with Ann-Elise. She will share her experience with customers regarding trustworthy data and AI globally and will home in on how the EU AI act makes companies undertake actions now.


From AI to Automation: step-by-step guide to hyperautomation

Mika Jämsen, Advisory Solution Consultant   ServiceNow (FI)

These days, automating tasks within an enterprise is not that's table stakes. If employees spend hours slugging through tedious manual work, something ain't right! At ServiceNow, we're moving beyond table stakes and into the world of HYPERautomation. In this session, we will explain how we identify problems, automate workflows, and measure tool effectiveness to make work even easier. See how we're becoming an autonomous digital enterprise using the Now Platform.

13:10 (CET)

How to strengthen your sustainable AI capabilities

Anna Metsäranta,  Head of Sustainable AI   Solita 

Karthik Sindhya,  AI Strategist   Solita 

Mikael Ruohonen ,  Data Science,  AI & Analytics  Solita 

Welcome to join and discuss how your organisation can strengthen its sustainable AI capabilities to safeguard your AI investments from risks and to better respond to future requirements. Each participant can vote for discussion topics from different relevant angles:

  • Building organisational awareness & knowhow

  • Assessing the sustainability of AI solutions & practises

  • Building technical enablers for sustainable AI solutions

This session is co-hosted by Anna Metsäranta, Head of Sustainable AI, and Karthik Sindhya, AI Strategist at Solita.

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