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OCT 12th, 2023

Starting 9AM CET - Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen Time

Starting 10AM EEST - Helsinki Time

9.00 (CET) / 10.00 (EEST)



9.05 / 10.05

Opening keynote: Embracing AI for Competitive Advantage

Arash Afsarian, VP, Head of AI/D&A and Sustainability, CapGemini (SE)

  • How to get ahead of the curve: AI in today's world and why explore its potential

  • Process Optimisation: Apply AI automation and robotics to streamline operations, reduce errors, and improve efficiency

  • Generative Experiences: Realise the potential of Generative AI in improving customer experience

9.25 / 10.25

AI Unleashed: Transforming Tomorrow's Industries Today! 

Maria Morais, Director, Consumer Industry Cloud, SAP (UK)

"Dive into a captivating journey as we explore the future that's already here"

  • Industry Revolution: Witness how AI is reshaping sectors from Healthcare and Retail to Energy and Finance

  • The GenAI Wave: Discover the monumental shift revolutionizing how businesses operate in this digital age

  • Behind the AI Curtain: Get an exclusive peek into the nuanced world of AI-driven decisions and optimized processes

  • Step into the future today. You have the power to shape the outcomes and architect a brighter, more innovative tomorrow

9.45 / 10.45 

Leveraging AI for Unparalleled Customer Experience

Bruno Tinoco, Head of Data Science & AI, novobanco (PT)

  • Seamless anpersonalized customer experience by predicting customer behaviour

  • Adopting AI is first and foremost a cross-functional leadership challenge

  • Framwork, process and tools for achieving continuous improvement and deployment

10.00 / 11.00
Sustainable AI and AI for Sustainability: a Catalyst for Transformation

Iveta Lohovska, Chief Technologist for AI, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (AT)

  • Finding the intersection of AI and Sustainability

  • How to Leverage AI to Make an Impact on the Most Challenging Global Issues?

  • The Environmental Impact of AI and Exploring Ways to Reduce Carbon Emissions, Optimising Resource Use, and Promoting Circular Economy Principles

10.20 / 11.20

Expert Comment

Michael Borrelli, Director, AI & Partners (UK) ​​

  • The EU AI Act - Ensuring Compliance

10.30 / 11.30




10.50 / 11.50

Feasting from the Beast - Leveraging AI for Business Success

Petri Hassinen, Head of Data & AI (FI)

  • Data-driven Insights: Utilize predictive analytics to extract valuable insights from data and gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior, market trends, and business dynamics

  • Anticipate Future Trends: Leverage predictive models to forecast future scenarios and trends, enabling proactive decision-making and strategic planning

  • Optimize Resource Allocation: Use predictive analytics to optimize resource allocation, such as inventory management, staffing, and budgeting, based on anticipated demand and market conditions.

11.10 / 12.10

Clash of Culture - Combining Customer Centricity with Data Driven

Jovan Zamac, PhD, Head of Data Science, Handelsbanken (SE)

  • What AI does to your culture and how to grow your human capital with AI?

  • How to combine knowing your customer with automating decision-making?

  • What happens with customer experience when humans are not responsible for decisions? 


11.30 / 12.30

Fireside Chat: Customer Foresight - Harness AI-Driven insights to discover opportunities, delight customers, and optimize your profits

Janne Flinck, Data & AI Lead, Codento (FI)

Sandra Calvo, Google Cloud (FI)

  • Use data and AI to understand and predict customer demand and behavior, to identify new market segments and new revenue streams

  • Delight your clients with Generative AI and help them find the right offering at the right price

  • Determine Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to drive retention, customer acquisition, and profitable business operations


11.50 / 12.50

Taking control over your information and AI lifecycle, at scale

Frank Ketelaars, European Information Architecture & Integration technical lead –IBM Technology – Data & AI

  • Trust in an imperative in successfully using AI for business

  • Align with organizational goals and obtain buy in from business stakeholders

  • Ensure data readiness by building a robust information architecture with quality control measures and governance

  • Govern the end-to-end process from the birth of an idea, to infusing analytics into business processes

12.10 / 13.10





12.30 / 13.30

Redefining Customer Service with AI and Disruptive Tech

Matthew Doerner, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Teleperformance (SE) 

  • AI-powered customer service - the role of AI and human agents in contact centers

  • Staying ahead of the curve - Evolution of AI in CX operations

  • Large customer journey - Case Study insights: practical strategies and solutions for redefining customer service excellence 

12.50 / 13.50

Decoding Ethical AI - 5 Steps to Ensure Best Ethical Practice

Lisa Clark, DR, Head of Data Science, Eviden (UK)

  • Ethical Frameworks: Establish clear ethical guidelines and frameworks for AI adoption, ensuring that AI systems are developed and used in a responsible and unbiased manner.

  • Transparency and Explainability: Promote transparency and explainability in AI algorithms and decision-making processes to build trust and accountability with stakeholders.

  • Regular Audits and Monitoring: Conduct regular audits and monitoring of AI systems to ensure compliance with ethical standards, privacy regulations, and fairness in outcomes.

13.10 / 14.10

Data & AI powering the energy industry transformation at Helen

Mikko Muurinen, Head of Data & AI, Helen (FI)

  • Our 3 digitalization pillars - Digital Operations, Digital Customer and Digital Workplace - all require data, analytics & AI

  • Operations: AI is essential to the new distributed energy system

  • Customer: Using data & AI to improve customer experience and provide personalized service

  • Workplace: How we are building a data driven company

13.30 / 14.30

Expert Comment

Michael Borrelli, Director, AI & Partners (UK)

  • Growth Marketing - The Endless Opportunities​ With AI

13.40 / 14.40


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