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Good Morning Sunshine! Go Grab Some Coffee & Breakfast.


The Moderator Kick-off

Renato de Castro, 3xTEDx Speaker, Advisor and Consultant for Smart Cities




The Present and Future of AI

Harri Valpola, CEO, Curious AI

  • What is the present AI technology good for and what's still missing?

  • What's going to be hot in AI in a couple of years?

  • Case studies exemplifying the next generation of AI in analysis and optimisation




The Case for Value: Where Roadmaps Meet Reality in the Organization

Tom Einar Nyberg, Head of Digital Operations, KPMG Lighthouse, Norway

  • Basically outlining how a client we worked with went about looking at a digital roadmap

  • Looking at best practice (AI, ML, Drones, Automation, Advanced analytics, etc)

  • Fitting them into the value chain and proving their value

  • Top down Vision – vs Bottom Up maturity

  • A realistic implementation plan



AI Service Development As a Part of The Digitalization Journey at Stora Enso

Ville Könönen, Lead AI Data Scientist, Stora Enso

  • Essential components for management of AI based services in large-scale manufacturing industry

  • Visibility to AI based services

  • Reusability of AI components in digital services and applications


CASE: AI Whiskey

Why You Should Care About Creativity Being Disrupted by Machine Learning

Jarno Kartela, Principal Machine Learning Partner, Fourkind

  • Complex consumer products are everywhere - from sneakers to sliced bread. We can design them with computers now.

  • This augmented design will be faster, can serve micro-markets and is less prone to biases than using expert designers only.

  • Nearly all industries will be affected in one way or the other - we'll look at how whisky is now created with machines.


Business Mingle




Airport Situational Awareness: Improved performance and readiness through data intelligence and transparency

Jarkko Malviniemi, Lead Designer & VP (Siili)

Matti Lehto, Head of Ops Digitalization (Finavia)

  • Data mindset and real life user needs as a driver for discovering opportunities

  • Visualising relevant, real time and personalised information

  • How to enhance predictability through data analysis and machine learning



Innovative Data - Creating Real Value

Jean-Philippe Schepens, Innovate Data Master, Bisnode International (Belgium)

  • How decision taking and different sectors are going to change because of the impact of Articifial Intelligence, Technology & Innovate Data


AI and Customer Empathy: Putting the "Personal" Back in "Personalisation"  

Mike Migliore, Head of Customer Value at The Times and The Sunday Times of London (UK)

  • The value of data-driven customer marketing 

  • Cross-functional teams and bespoke AI decisioning for CRM 

  • Lessons to take into your own businesses to build an AI and data-driven CRM 






Evidence-driven Evolution Towards Safe, Sustainable and Efficient Shipping

Kalevi Tervo, Global Program Manager, Intelligent shipping, ABB

  • History of maritime digitalization and connectivity

  • Business as usual – examples and impact of using data and machine learning in marine applications

  • Increasing efficiency and safety of operations with autonomous ship technologies



Case Agco Power: Boosting Engine Development by Analyzing Real-World Problems 

Aki Pajunoja, Data Analytics Team Lead, PhD, Agco Power Learning

Harri Pirttinen, Cloud Architect, Insta (Intopalo Digital) 

  • Data enables enhanced problem solving

  • Analytics guides R&D engineer's attention to find needles in haystacks

  • Data platforms are the key to building more intelligent engine control units

  • Data from farms and advanced analytics have become an essential part of diesel engine research and development


​The Value of NLP for Emotion Analysis 

Hissu Hyvärinen, NLP Data Scientist, Vincit

- Why it is important to recognise emotions in language data

- How it's done and the main challenges

- Examples of application areas


Change in The Era of AI - The What, The How and The Unknowns

Lari Hämäläinen, Senior Partner, McKinsey Digital

  • Effects of AI on our economy and society

  • Driving AI induced change in a single company

  • Leadership and uncertainty




AI & Business strategies
8 October 2020


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