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Deep Dive Agenda 2023

Deep Dive -sessions are 30 minutes in-depth discussions or presentations. Deep Dives are held in separate virtual rooms in the Event Platform. Seats are limited for each session and registration can be done on the Event Platform.

Time Zone CET

9.25 (CET) / 10.25 (EEST)

Practical AI for Understanding the Meaning of Data

Ted Dunning, Chief Technologist for Data Fabric, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • The most fashionable AI is not always the most practical

  • There are many techniques that are very powerful, but much simpler

  • These must be embedded in the reality of a situation

In this session, you will hear and learn about a system we built that understands the meaning of data and the intent of users and can match them together.

10.00 (CET) / 11.00 (EEST)

Kick-Start Your Generative AI Journey

Marko Viksten, Data Science & AI; Technical Specialist, IBM (FI)

Generative artificial intelligence will be one of the key technological breakthroughs of this decade. I believe that the world will continue to change quite rapidly. It is predicted that the development of language models and, consequently, artificial intelligence will continue to progress quickly in the future.


Join this session to see multiple live demo examples of generative AI in various industries and languages (ie Finnish) – these examples should give some inspiration about Generative AI use cases for your industry.


To really kickstart your journey with generative AI - we are not leaving you just seeing demos. For those who join the session, we offer to build your own Generative AI demo using IBM’s watsonx platform.


10.50 (CET) / 11.50 (EEST)

Case Study: How AI is Being Deployed in the Customer Service Environment

Matthew Doerner, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Teleperformance  (SE)

Join Matthew Doerner for an enlightening discussion as we dive into the dynamic world of customer service transformation. Matt will explore how to harness AI's potential to elevate your customer service standards and redefine success in the digital era. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and unlock the secrets to reimagining customer service excellence!.

11.50 (CET)  /  12.50 (EEST)

Customer Foresight - Cases and Practical Steps for Utilizing AI to Discover Opportunities, Delight Customers, and Optimize your Profits

Janne Flinck, Data & AI Lead, Codento (FI)

Sandra Calvo, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud (FI)

Google’s Sandra Calvo and Codento’s data and AI lead Janne Flinck will present concrete insights and examples and lead a lively conversation on how to successfully use data and AI to  predict customer demand and behavior, delight clients with Generative AI and determine Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) to drive  profitable business operations.   There will be an open Q&A session on these topics in the end.

12.30 (CET) / 13.30 (EEST)

From Brilliant Idea to Inference - Steer Clear of Pitfalls

Frank Ketelaars, European Information Architecture & Integration Technical Lead, IBM Technology - Data & AI (NL)

Fantastic! You have decided to integrate AI into your business processes, aiming to enhance efficiency and provide more value to your customers. However, how do you ensure that you retain control and avoid unnecessary worries? Can you provide clear and concise answers to business users, customers, and regulators? In this 30-minute interactive discussion, we will explore the various stages from raw data to the end product and discuss strategies to steer clear of potential pitfalls..

13.10 (CET) / 14.10 (EEST)

Teollisuuden parhaat käyttötapaukset AI:n hyödyntämisessä - 5-vuotiaan AI-firman kokemuksella

Mika Koivula, CEO and Partner, Smartbi (FI)

  • Sisäisten funktioiden kehittäminen (SCM, EHSQ, tuotanto, laatu) - (Ai/analytiikka)

  • Ulkoiset palvelut (Ai & analytiikka)

  • Innovaatiot  (Ai/analytiikka)

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